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Grey Garden Incense

Designer: Bau Bau by SUKU

Sold Out

Sold Out


- 25 incense bamboo sticks.

- 60 minutes burning time if burned using a proper incense chamber.

- Fragrance: sandalwood, geranium, rose, frankincense, black pepper, cinnamon, mint, cardamom.

 - Also available in Fresh Sheets & Smoko Memories



Careful of the thorns as you draw the stems closer and inhale, falling into a rose scented embrace. Enveloped for a moment in the feminine. Stepping back slowly to follow a path into unknown woods. Cinnamon bark and whispers of geranium caressing the body. There is a clearing in the woods that opens up, clouds swirl in the blue sky above. Feet on the ground and gaze towards the sky, you begin to spin and see the world in circles of playful colour. 

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